Anniversary/Proposal package

Celebrate your Loved One With Our Anniversary / Proposal Package


Celebrate Your Anniversary or Proposal on a yacht

Celebrate your anniversary or create a memorable proposal with Royal Yachts Miami, where luxury and romance unite on the sparkling waters of Miami. Picture a sun-kissed day, a gentle sea breeze, and the panoramic skyline as your backdrop.
Booking a yacht with us ensures an unforgettable experience. Choose from our exquisite fleet of yachts, each designed to perfection, complete with professional crew to cater to your every need. Whether you prefer an intimate sunset cruise or a lavish soirée, we customize every detail to your liking. Seal your love on the deck of opulence, and let Royal Yachts Miami elevate your special day to new heights of luxury and romance.

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    Unleash the Party Vibe

    Turn your anniversary or proposal into an extraordinary party with Royal Yachts Miami. Our yachts are your private venues for unforgettable celebrations. Dance under the stars, sip champagne, and savor gourmet cuisine with the Miami skyline as your backdrop. Our experienced crew ensures every detail is perfect, from entertainment to decor, creating a sensational party that celebrates your love and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

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    Royal Yachts Miami offers an exceptional service for your anniversary or proposal on a yacht in Miami. Our elegant fleet and experienced crew create an enchanting atmosphere for your special occasion. Whether you envision a romantic sunset cruise or a lavish celebration, we tailor every detail to your desires. With Miami's breathtaking skyline as your backdrop, make your anniversary or proposal unforgettable with Royal Yachts Miami, where luxury and love meet on the shimmering waters of South Florida.

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    At Royal Yachts Miami, we specialize in creating dreamlike atmospheres for your anniversary or proposal on our exquisite yachts in Miami. Imagine rose petals, soft candlelight, and elegant floral arrangements adorning your private space. We can customize every detail to suit your vision, from personalized banners to romantic table settings. Let us transform your yacht into a haven of love and celebration, ensuring your special moments are beautifully decorated and unforgettable.

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    Celebrate in Style and Unforgettable Memories

    Royal Yachts Miami crafts lasting memories for your anniversary or proposal on a yacht in Miami. Cherish the magic of a sunset kiss against Miami's stunning skyline, the gentle ocean breeze in your hair, and the smiles shared with your loved one. Our personalized service ensures that every moment becomes a cherished memory, capturing the essence of your special occasion, making it truly unforgettable.

An Unforgettable Experience On A Yacht in Miami

Seal your love story on the deck of elegance and make memories that will last a lifetime

Elevate your anniversary or proposal in Miami to unparalleled heights of romance and luxury by booking a yacht with Royal Yachts Miami. Picture this: a sun-drenched day, a gentle ocean breeze, and the iconic Miami skyline as your backdrop. Our exquisite fleet of yachts, meticulously designed for opulence, awaits your special moment.

Our dedicated professional crew is committed to ensuring every detail of your experience is perfect, from personalized decorations to gourmet cuisine. Whether you dream of an intimate sunset cruise or a lavish soirée, Royal Yachts Miami customizes your journey to perfection.