How many guests are allowed on a yacht rental in Miami?

How many guests are allowed on a yacht rental in Miami?

Yo, check out this cool stuff about fancy yacht rentals in Miami! So, like, when you wanna feel all posh and stuff, you gotta hop on one of them yachts. At Royal Yachts Miami, we got the best ones.

Our boats are like, real nice, okay? They can fit up to 13 people (not counting the crew). Inside, it's all boujee with comfy stuff and fancy gadgets. We paid real attention to all them details, so you know it's gonna be lit.

Now, let's talk about cruising, fam. Our crew knows all the cool spots in Miami. You get to see the skyline and some hidden gems on the coast. And, of course, we got mad water activities – snorkeling, jet skiing, you name it. It's like a whole vibe out there.

Our crew is on point, swear. They know what's up and make sure your trip is fire. And don't even get me started on the food. We got chefs on deck cooking up whatever you want – gourmet or just some chill brunch.

Booking is easy-peasy on our website. You can see our boats, check when they're free, and even customize your trip. Oh, and our prices? Clear as day, so you know what you're spending.

So, Royal Yachts Miami is the real deal in Miami yacht life. We're all about that fancy, comfy, and personal vibe. Get ready for a yacht trip that's gonna blow your mind, for real!