Is catering included in yacht rental in Miami?

Is catering included in yacht rental in Miami?

When it comes to throwing a bash in Miami, nothing says "class" like renting a yacht in Miami. The shimmering waves, the dazzling skyline, and the gentle breeze give the perfect vibes. But, hold on, mate! The burning question is, "Does the yacht rental come with food?"

Let's delve into the culinary journey with Royal Yachts Miami. So, they won't throw in the grub with the standard yacht rental, but fear not! They're on a mission to make your taste buds dance. From grand parties to cozy get-togethers, they got your back.

  1. Grand Galas: For those dreaming of a mega party at sea, Royal Yachts Miami rolls out a spread that could make kings jealous. Picture this – fancy plated dinners, gourmet delights, or lavish buffet spreads with global cuisines. It's all about living the high life.
  2. Intimate Bashes: Whether it's a lovey-dovey sunset cruise or a chill time with buds, the food game is strong. Imagine a private dinner with a chef whipping up a menu just for you. Every moment on the yacht turns into a feast.

And now, drumroll, please! Personal chefs and BBQ madness!

Personal Chefs: These maestros in the kitchen craft wonders for every palate. Seafood that melts in your mouth, desserts that are sinful – it's a flavor adventure.

BBQ Bonanza: For those who dig a laid-back vibe, Royal Yachts Miami transforms your yacht into a floating grill paradise. Savor grilled goodies while the Miami skyline wows you.

In the realm of yacht rentals, Royal Yachts Miami doesn't just flaunt fancy boats. They're all about making memories as epic as the views.

Plan your gourmet journey with Royal Yachts Miami. So, while the standard deal won't serve you food, they'll turn your yacht rental miami time into a foodie escapade etched in your memory forever. Hungry for luxury on Miami's waters? Reach out to Royal Yachts Miami now and let the gastronomic adventure begin!